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Ryat | Howl

During the Vancouver Brainfeeder Showcase last week, alongside Brainfeeder acts Samiyam, Mono/Poly and MAST (her best friend and “undiscovered genius” who toured and collaborated with her a couple years back), RYAT premiered the sounds we can expect to hear on her forthcoming LP, Totem (Brainfeeder).

Since the release of her last record, Avant Gold, Christina McGeehan has stepped away from instrumentals, focusing more so on electronic experimentation. In regards to her upcoming release, she says-

“Totem is much more compositional and less poppy. It’s more conceptual and I look at it like a classical record in its themes. I wrote almost the entire music before any words were written at all. It was more about vibe and energy and sound. I later meditated on the compositions and each song’s meaning and lyrics slowly appeared in poem form. [Totem] has a completely different artistic process and conception.”
(via Adequacy)

Her music has often been said to vocally and sonically resemble Bjork‘s, and Christina is flattered. But one Soundcloud viewer put it quite well: “This reminds me of Bjork minus all  of the annoying aspects.” Download the first single from Totem (out June 4th) below.


Get to Know | Timbah


Timir Goswami, aka Timbah, a 19 year old Sheffield, England native is making quite a name for himself, channelling his acknowledged  influences; early James Blake and godfathers of the L.A. Beat scene, Flying Lotus & Samiyam.

He tends to specialize in that chopped up, re-falsetto’d R&B groove. The difference, of course, between Timbah and those dime-a-dozen, slopped and screwers (Ehrm… OG Ron C) is his capitalization on the down beat, subsequently driven by his array of spontaneously introduced, woozy-rhythmed percussion lines, not to mention his typically extemporaneous arrangements within the well-explored world of 140 beats per minute.

“With producers like Sheffield’s Timbah around, no R&B vocals are safe.”

–  [Via XLR8R]

Download || Cuckoo Clock – Timbah [recommended] 

Download || Fight for This Love (Timbah Remix) – Cheryl Cole

If you like what you’ve heard, download Timbah’s latest release, the “Can’t Love Without You EP,” out on Bad Taste Records. It is available now on Juno and Boomkat.


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