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Caspa ’09 | Itchy & Scratchy

“Itchy & Scratchy is an intended free release that I found on my old hard drive from 2009”

Itchy & Scratchy (2009) – Caspa [wav]

– love, Caspa

Jamie XX | BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

This week, catch Jamie XX on BBC Radio 1 as he takes to the decks for the Essential Mix. As far as we’ve seen, this shy English producer and remix artist can do no wrong- his original work and mixes for notable artists, such as Thom Yorke and Gil Scott-Heron, are immaculate.

Listen below to hear cuts from Koreless, James Blake, John Tejada among many others. He closes his set with his latest Radiohead remix, set to be released on the band’s next record- it’s well worth the wait.

Jamie XX – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix


Orbital – Belfast
Phanes – Lucky Woman
Ifan Dafydd – No Good
Harvey Mandel – Christo Redentor
Koreless – Lost in Tokyo
Floating Points – Sais
Wiley – Colder (Instrumental)
Fantastic Mr. Fox – Untitled
Pärson Sound – Untitled
DJ Deeon – Fine Hoes
Luke Vibert – Analord
New Look – Janet
John Tejada – Unstable Condition
Univac – Untitled (Track 1)
Aardvarck – Nosestep (Original Mix)
Jean Jacques Smoothie – 2 People
Instra:mental – Pyramid
Grimm Limbo – Fortune Favours the Brave
R A G – Rage (Spaventi &Aroy Raw Mix)
Ronnie Dyson – All Over Your Face
Jamie xx – Far Nearer (Bootleg)
Axel Boman – Purple Drank
Loosse – About You (feat. Yolanda)
Anette Party – Moreno (feat. Anita Coke)
Gino Soccio – Dancer
Mr Beatnick – Synthetes
Funke, Sacha vs Nina Kraviz – Moses (Stimming Remix)
Jamie xx & Gil Scott Heron – I’ll Take Care of U (Special DJ Version)
Genius of Time – Houston We Have a Problem
Austin Eterno/The xx – I Remember Shelter
James Blake – Libra (Edit)
Pangaea – Bear Witness
Holly Miranda – Slow Burn Treason
Peter Horrevorts – Siren
Chuck Roberts – My House (Acappella)
Virgo Four – Do You Know Who You Are?
Morning Factory – Diane’s Love
Karen Pollack – You Can’t Touch Me (Roc &Kato Vocal Beat Trip Mix)
War – The World Is A Ghetto (Special Disco Mix)
Marshall Jefferson – Mushrooms (Justin Martin Mix)
Radiohead – Bloom (Jamie xx Rework)


Nero’s Dubstep Symphony | Presented by BBC Radio 1 Philharmonic Orchestra

On June 6th , UK pop-dubstep producer duo, Nero, along with the BBC Radio 1 Philharmonic Orchestra, performed a 20 minute symphony based on two of Nero’s biggest singles, (including Innocence and one other song).

It’s a bit strange to hear the sounds  of dance-floor dubstep backed-up by an orchestra- However, Nero’s sound, (see Innocence, Recluse, Me and You, and their remix of In the Middle), is spacious and epic; it’s well suited to this kind of collaboration.

Nero’s Dubstep Symphony – Presented by BBC Radio 1 Philharmonic Orchestra [dubstep] [classical] [recommended]



Lovebirds ft. Stee Downes | Want You In My Soul

This is classic house from Hamburg-based Lovebirds, a.k.a. Sebastian Doring.

Lovebirds comments on this track,
“Like most of my stuff the track is pretty old. I think I did the instrumental at least 3 years ago.

Then I happened to get in contact with the singer Stee Downes and I sent it to him. When I listened to his first draft, I was pretty overwhelmed.  He really understood the vibe and did exactly what the track needed.”

On getting into music and his sonic influences, he comments,

“Actually, I started producing because a guy who stole my girlfriend 20 years ago began producing.

At that time my favorite producers were Mark Kinchen MK, Masters at Work, Todd Terry.

Generally I think that all the music I liked had an influence on me, but mostly jazz, soul, funk, bossa nova .. This is the harmonic world I live in.”

Lovebirds ft. Stee Downes – Want You In My Soul [house] [recommended]


Attack the Train (Drivepilot Remix) | The Mastertrons

Drivepilot is Nick Edwards- an electro-house producer raised in our hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia.

He takes his inspiration from some of the most established names in electro including Daft Punk, Justice, and Sebastian.

Now he lives in Portland, Oregan and cranks out killer electro tracks.

Attack The Train (Drivepilot Remix) – The Mastertrons [electro] [recommended]


James Blake & Bon Iver | Fall Creek Boys Choir

A beautiful collaboration between two of our most beloved producers. This enchanted tune was premiered on BBC Radio 1 last night and features James Blake on production and Justin Vernon’s melancholic vocals. A press released explained:

“Over the past year James has cited Justin as a key influence and it was via a chance meeting at this years SXSW festival in Austin, Texas that the seed was sown for a future collaboration. [The track was] formed in the spring over email.”

Purchase the full version on iTunes when it is released on August 29th.

Fall Creek Boys Choir – James Blake & Bon Iver [128 kbps]


Jakub Nox Ambroziak | Proton Decay

Jakub Nox Ambroziak aka Seventeen Bricks released “Atom EP” August 1. The EP is comprised of 9 experimental electronica tracks and remixed tracks by both Robot Koch and Teielte.

Proton Decay (Robot Koch Remix) – Jakub Nox Ambroziak [recommended]

Browse the EP track-list here.


Lunice | One Man Hunned

Up and coming Montreal beatmaker Lunice, a.k.a. Lunice Fermin Pierre II, dropped a brand new 12″ on LuckyMe on August 16th.

As his bio puts it, “the last year has seen him destroy shows, produce with Diplo and remix the likes of Deerhunter, The XX, Young L, XV, Theophilus London, Wacka Flocka Flame, Gucci Mane, Pusha T & Tyler The Creator.”  Like Flying Lotus and Hudson Mohawke, Lunice is also an alum of the Red Bull Music Academy annual seminar.

Lunice lists his influences as”mainly underground independent hip-hop music like the Sound Providers, 9th Wonder, 2for5. Then I started to listen to a lot of golden-age rap music like Heather B, AZ, Erick Sermon, Pete Rock, and so on. And yeah, all of this really influenced my music intellectually. It really shaped my artistic process of making a beat in the sense that a song must have “soul” in it else it wouldn’t sound right.”

I had the pleasure of catching Lunice at Le Belmont in our mutual town of Montreal earlier this Spring, and the young man brims with charisma and cheekiness and delivers exceptionally soulful crunky hip-hop instrumentals.

This one’s a heater-

I See You – Lunice [beat] [recommended]

Pick up the whole release here.



Shambhala Festival 2011 | Episode 1 of 4: Thursday was generously granted a spot on the official Shambhala press team. Our task; to report and recap the curve-balls, the blunders, and, most-importantly, the triumphs of this monumental week-end in electronic music’s ever-evolving narrative. Relying on the ears of our team, as well as those of trusted associates further afield, we’ll be bringing you 4 episodes of low-end experience, one for each staggering evening.

This year’s story begins in the Rock-Pit, with Vancouver act The Funk Hunterz. This was my first time hearing these guys, and I must say, they earned that opening-ceremony slot. True to their name, they spun first-class breakbeat and nufunk, spliced nicely between disco, dubstep, and sample-friendly remixes. These weren’t typical rehashings of popular songs, but were well-crafted interpretations.  They featured a live saxophonist that only further established their attention to classic detail. Even more impressive is that The Funk Hunters create original sets that are never replicated, or so their site claims. Check out their purchasable releases, or stick to the freebies below.

Soul Man – The Funk Hunterz [nufunk]

Under The Bridge (Pimpsoul & The Funk Hunterz Remix) – Ghetto Funk Allstars [nufunk]

Barrio Together – The Funk Hunterz [nufunk] [recommended]

Halifaxian disc-jockey, Skratch Bastid, followed, and demonstrated his impressive turn-table capabilities. He did drop the beat, the ultimate taboo, but he some-how played it off, leaving the Pit dancing once again. Buy stuff here, or don’t down there.

Skewed Empathy (Skratch Bastid mix) – Crystal Castles & Outkast & Raekwon [hip-hop] [recommended]

Bryx killed it, as expected. He’s a Nelson boy, so he’s well versed in the methods of a heavy-hitting Shambhala set.

Noah Project – Bryx [dubstep] [recommended]

Psycho Killa – Bryx [dubstep] [electro]

Over at The Living Room, Shambhala’s beach stage, Mimosa played a mellow, but satisfying set, clearly reserving his richest synths for his much anticipated Village set. We’ll be covering Mimosa in depth in Episode 2, so keep in touch. Here’s a little something from his first performance to get your juices flowing.

Up In The Clouds – Mimosa

The crown for reigning King of the Rock Pit sits, undoubtedly, on Longwalkshortdock’s curly head. Never have I seen that venue pulsating with more energy than that hour of skinny-wristed, fist-pumping electro. This Burnaby boy charges for his tracks, which can be perused at his dotcom, but he is, truly, a performance artist. Accompanied visually by accomplice RimVisuals, LWSD’s maniacal jumping and head banging is a must see. So take a look at his schedule, and be there. Take a peek at I Will Kill You With Techno live, and you’ll know what I mean.


Udachi, a Staten Island producer, finished our Thursday evening with a skanky dub-electro set. What stood out for me was his keen selection of dance tunes, hoping genre with each mix. He kept his filth on the up-beat side, which was wise for a his late night slot. Take a look at what he’s working on over at his soundcloud, indulge in his made-for-Shambhala promotional mix,  bounce to a personal favorite of mine, or finish strong and do all three.

BRB Going to Shambhala Promo Mix – Udachi

Paragraph (Udachi Remix) – Body Part(y) [disco] [dubstep]

Cuerno de Sonido (Udachi Remix) – Dj Teenage Wolf [dubstep] [recommended]

And so the first night of mayhem comes to a end as the sun peeks over the mountains of the valley. The distant thumping and lively screams would be easier to sleep through if not for the promise of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to come.

See you soon,

Kone | Tractatus

Alpha Pup’s newest member, Kone, presents his debut album Tractacus. His silky bass lines and boom-bang drums are topped with an old-school hip-hop cherry, and despite this seemingly typical description of Los Angeles beat makers, he emerges an original, charging into the world of, what he refers to as, “psychedelic gangster funk.”

“Our life has no end in just the same way as our visual field has no limits”


The album drops tomorrow, so keep that Alpha Pup tab open.

New Los Angeles – Kone [beat] [served chilled] [recommended]

Polygon (Dirtyphonics Remix) | Shock One

Dirtyphonics (Audio Porn, Dim Mak), a 4-man production outfit out of Paris, brings us a ravey electro remix of Polygon by Shock One.

Polygon (Dirtyphonics Remix) – Shock One [electro] [d&b] [recommended]


Killer (Alex Mind Refix) | Jean Elan

Alex Mind (a.k.a. Pedro Alexander Fonseca Soares) out of Rio de Janeiro brings us a refix of Killer by Jean Elan that hits all the right spots.

Killer (Alex Mind Refix) – Jean Elan [electro] [recommended]


The Weeknd | Thursday

The Weeknd has just brought us a fresh release in a much anticipated follow-up to their smash debut House of Ballooons LP.

This Toronto-based R&B artist has established a captive audience with his effortlessly seductive vocals on tracks like Loft Music, The Morning, High For This, Wicked Games.

The new release is entitled Thursday LP.  (In Montreal, anyway, it seems that Thursday is actually the most debaucherous night of the week- as if the city’s lustful youthful denizens couldn’t wait until Friday to cut loose.)

Upon first skimming through, track 08, Rolling Stone is a stand-out for me.

Thursday LP – The Weeknd [r&b]


01 Loney Star
02 Life of the Party
03 Thursday
04 The Zone
05 The Birds Part One
06 The Birds Part Two
07 Gone
08 Rolling Stone
09 Heaven or Las Vegas


Galapagos | BIG CAT

This Texan’s tasty beats have been accompanying my daily routine via ear-bud over the last couple of days. Mr. McNaughton is most certainly an exemplary beat-maker, but where we finds his touch is in his cheeky, yet silky samples.

Head over to Absent Fever and cough up the suggested dollar in return for the entire ep.

Or you could just tap that mediafire link provided below said payment plan. I trust that his takes on Beyonce and The Bee Gees will take care of all your acoustic needs for the evening.

Honey – Galapagos

Foool – Galapagos [served chilled] [recommended]

Skream & Benga | In New DJs We Trust, BBC Radio 1

Dubstep originators Skream and Benga were back on In New Djs We Trust this week on BBC Radio 1.  Get it while its hot-

Skream & Benga, In New DJs We Trust, BBC Radio 1 [08. 11. 2011]

(Available until Thursday, August 18th 2011)


Thundercat | Shenanigans Pt. 1 (Mixed by Flying Lotus)

To highlight and heighten the anticipation that has been accumulating around the upcoming release of Thundercat’s debut LP The Golden Age of Apocalype, Flying Lotus has provided Brainfeeder fans with a 30-minute mixtape of Thundercat tunes- free of charge. He writes:

“Lots of people ask me about Thundercat, and how I come to know this guy. Thing is you’ve been hearing him for years and probably didn’t even know it. He’s one of the most talented bass players I’ve ever witnessed and I’ve been blessed to have worked with this guy on ‘Cosmogramma’ and “Pattern+Grid World.’ Since then Thunder has been like a brother to me and feels like the other half of my brain in the studio. I thought it would be good to get you familiar with the man who’s contributed his unique sound to so many records I love. Here’s some things, a prelude to the LP. Some new, some you might know, some we may never release.”

Check out Thundercat’s personal blog here– you won’t regret it.

Shenanigans Pt. 1 Mixtape (Mixed by Flying Lotus) – Thundercat [recommended] 


Friends of Friends | Pop Massacre Volume II

Los Angeles collective of electronically, and seemingly satirically inclined artists brings us yet another clever accumulation on pop-culture re-works. Their eclectic release record includes L.A. born leader Shlohmo, and accomplices Jon Wayne, Groundislava, Mexicans With Guns, Salva and others.

It seems with this project, they’ve called further afield from their black book of beat makers, with the mission: “Pick a pop song, any pop song. You know, your fucking song. And re-work that source material like you would.” This quote is just my inference, but I’m sure it went something like that.

The result is a slurry, chopped-up trip down an r&b heavy memory lane. What’s more is that the whole thing is gifted for you and your friends, free of charge over at bandcamp. I’m starting to like these guys.

AwNaw (Nappy Roots) – Devonhwho [served chilled] [hip-hop] [recommended]

Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (The Beatles) – Jonwayne [beat]

Genie in a Bottle (Christina Aguilera) – LOL Boys [indie-house]

Love Is Stronger Than Pride (Sade) – Teleseen [served chilled]

Foolish (Ashanti) – eLan [beat] [r&b]

Hard In Da Paint (Waka Flaka Flame) – Shlohmo [served chilled] [hip-hop] [recommended]

Wooha (Busta Rhymes) – Supachip [beat] [hip-hop] [recommended]

The Bootleg Tapes | Vol. IV

Ladies and gentlemen; friends and low-lifes-

It’s my pleasure to deliver to you the 4th edition of The Bootleg Tapes on L O W – L I F E . c a.

I’ve woven together a selection of primarily dark UK bass-music to put a score to your concrete city-scape and to cool your nerves.   You’ll hear from the likes of Koreless, Mount Kimbie, James Blake, Untold, The Others, Benga, Silkie, Joker, & Skream and more.

(If you happened to catch my set opening up for Eskmo at Fortune in Vancouver when he dropped in a couple weeks ago, you’ll be familiar with most of these songs.  This tape is an adaptation of the mix that I played out on that night.)

Here’s to summer nights-




Mass – Virtual Boy

Last Donut of the Night – J Dilla

(Unknown) – Flying Lotus

Give A Man A Rod (2nd Version) – James Blake

Levitate – Paper Diamond

The Bells Sketch – James Blake

Walk Through Walls – Untold

Beacon (Mount Kimbie Remix) – Untold

MTI – Koreless

Blipstream – Skream

Wasteland – Dark Elixir

Do It – Joker

Broken Heart (Martyn Remix) TRG

Yukon – Untold

Stop What You’re Doing (James Blake Remix) Untold

Wildfire (ft. Little Dragon) SBTRKT

Field of Emotions – Skream

First Flight – The Others

Midnight – Benga

Play Doe – Joker & Rustie

Purple City – Joker

(Untitled) – Silkie & Skream

New York City – Silkie

Snowed In (Ft. Von D) Silkie

Exothermic Reaction – Skream

Stapleton – Earl Sweatshirt

Mala | XLR8R Guest Mix

Mala (DMZ) is widely acknowledged to be part of the group of producers who introduced dubstep to the world out of South London circa 2004- To put it differently, Mala has been involved with this music since before it even had a name.

He has released music as Mala, as well as Digital Mystikz, (which also includes Coki).  He co-manages the DMZ imprint and Deep Medi Music.  And he also is the organizer of the near-legendary DMZ night.

Our thanks go out to Mala and XLR8R for presenting us this understated selection of dark and spacious authentic South London dubstep.

Put this on only after the sun has gone down-

Mala – XLR8R Mix [05. 31. 2011] [dubstep] [served chilled] [recommended]



01 Mala – Digital Mystikz “Livin’ Different VIP” (DMZ)
02 V.I.V.E.K “Feel It” (Deep Medi)
03 Goth-Trad “Seeker”
04 Coki – Digital Mystikz “Ironshirt”
05 Mala “Enter Dimensions”
06 Kryptic Minds + Youngsta “Arcane”
07 Dark Tantrums “Unborn”
08 V.I.V.E.K “Big Bang” (Deep Medi)
09 Mavado “Dem A Talk (TMSV Refix)”
10 Coki “Revolution”
11 Jack Sparrow “Afraid of Me”
12 Mensah “Gambia”
13 The Dub Mechanics “The Clash”
14 Mala “Bad Spirits on Shoulders”
15 Digital Mystikz “Dun Stinky”
16 Commodo “Saracen” (Deep Medi)
17 Coki “Duppy Sour Sap”
18 Johnny Osbourne “Fally Rankin (V.I.V.E.K. Dub Version)” (Greensleeves)
19 Mala “Education” (DMZ)
20 Old Apparatus “Untitled Intro” (Deep Medi)

Jürgen Müller | Science of the Sea

Between 1981 and 1982, 30-year old oceanographer Jürgen Müller hand-crafted an album inspired by his participation on a mission to test seawater toxicity off the coast of Germany. Through his nostalgia and footage of the oceanic experience Müller, an amateur musician with virtually no experience with electronic equipment composed Science of the Sea on a studio that he built (simply from borrowed gear) on his houseboat.

It is not difficult to detect the undertones of biophilia present within Müller’s work- each song is lush with succulent underwater landscapes. In it’s entirety, Science of the Sea is woven together seamlessly into a serene, psychedelic lullaby and as the title suggests, it echoes the environment it was created in.

Originally, Müller pressed only 100 copies of his work, which he distributed among his family and friends for free. However, 30 years after it’s construction Science of the Sea made it’s way into the hands of Digitalis Recordings through music enthusiast, Jan-Arne Sohns, who had the pleasure of hearing the album through Müller’s distant relative.

Listen (and/or purchase) to the entire album over at Bandcamp here.


Hudson Mohawke | Guest mix on Benji B, BBC Radio 1

Hudson Mohawke (Warp) dropped in on Benji B to spin some tracks this week.   Hailing from Glasgow, Hud-Mo has been knocking em’ dead on dance-floors all over the map with heaters like Fuse and Thunderbay. His latest EP will be released on Warp this week.  Check out his BBC mix below.  (Remember- it’s only available for streaming until Thursday.)

Hudson Mohawke on Benji B, BBC Radio One [08. 04. 2011]


Beacon (Mount Kimbie Remix) – LV & Untold

This is an early Mount Kimbie remix that was released on Hemlock Recordings in March 2010, before the release of their Crooks & Lovers LP later that summer on Hot Flush.

Beacon (Mount Kimbie Remix) – LV & Untold [future garage] [recommended]


Skream | Exothermic Reaction

This is simmering dark London clubstep from none other than Oliver Jones.  Congratulations to Skream who recently welcomed a little baby boy into the world.  (What if your dad was Skream?)

Exothermic Reaction – Skream [dubstep] [recommended]


Martyn drops in on Benji B | BBC Radio 1

Martyn is a deep garage producer and curator of the 3024 imprint- hailing originally from a fishing town in Holland.

(His Great Lengths LP is an understated soulful album of energetic intricate broken beats and dark undulating junglist synths.  This is the kind of record you will return to over and over again- delving deeper into its nuances with each successive listen through.)

Martyn has releases on Warp, Hyperdub, as well as an upcoming release on Brainfeeder. He stopped in on Benji B this week to share some of his latest work.

Martyn on Benji B, BBC Radio 1 (28. 07. 2011)