ELOS | Scenes of Life \ Electricity

ELOS, aka Chaz Lewis, is a child of the Low End Theory. Born in Los Angeles, ELOS was raised by the city and was influenced early on by 90′s West Coast hip-hop, jazz and Japanese video game soundtracks. In December of 2010 and October of 2011 he released two free collections  Hornet’s Nest and then the Dang EP. Werdz is a free single that he released only a few months ago.

Werdz – ELOS

“ELOS throws down castles of sound that will rattle ceiling crumbs loose from the top of your skull.”

Retcon – ELOS [served chilled]

DunDeals – ELOS [recommended]

DunDeals is track number one of his debut release on Alpha Pup RecordsFlying Sky Fortress. His first full-length album Scenes of Life / Electricity is due to drop in March of 2012.

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