Simian Mobile Disco | Unpatterns LP

James and Jas of Simian Mobile Disco dropped the Unpatterns LP today on Wichita Recordings. The duo will be conjuring up magic live via subtractive synthesis at Fabric in London this Friday evening to celebrate the release; (tickets and info here).

The publishers have generously and wisely made the entire LP available for free streaming. (And thankfully, they have opted to leave out the frustrating fade ins/outs that are typical of many SoundCloud “previews” these days).

If you haven’t heard their classic debut LP Attack Decay Sustain Release LP, and you like to dance, I suggest you get your hands on it and stick it on a quality system when the mood strikes you. (Their second LP, Temporary Pleasure, also offers a handful of gems such as, “Cruel Intentions”).

Back in the late ‘90s, James and Jas were studying folklore and physics respectively at Manchester University, while crafting experimental electronic jams in the spare room of their shared house. Although he eventually dropped out of his program, Jas’s grounding in quantum physics served him later on in music: the drum pattern on SMD’s early white label “Tits & Acid” was based on the matrix mechanics of Werner Heisenberg.


Also, here is the new video for “Pareidolia.”

(“Pareidolia”: a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant).



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