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Mark Lawrence a.k.a Mala is one third of Digital Mystikz, co-founder of DMZ, and creator of Deep Medi Music.

On his latest project, Mala in Cuba, Lawrence integrates layers of frenetic percussion rhythms from Cuba into his signature dark stripped-down dub  musical framework.

I went to Cuba twice last year to work on this project. I worked with a guy called Roberto Fonseca and his band. If you check this guy out; If you check a lot of musicians out in Cuba, their ability to do what they do is unbelievable. Overwhelming actually, because I don’t really see myself as a musician… When I get on the computer and make music, to me, its like playin’ computer games. Ya know, I’m from that Nintendo generation.” 

Mala in Cuba will be released September 10th via Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings.




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