TOKiMONSTA | Creature Dreams

[Death Valley | Neil Krug]

Resident of Gaslamp’s Low End Theory and “the fucking beat movement,” alumni of the London edition of the Red Bull Music Academy and a member of the Brainfeeder crew, Jennifer Lee (aka TOKiMONSTA) charms with her latest release. Creature Dreams arrives on the scene with an emotional narrative weaved carefully into her stuttering cosmic beats and Lee only entrances further with a series of subtle romantic melodies set on loop. With delicate persuasion, a sense of ease penetrates one’s sonic atmosphere before the feelings origin is even recognized.

Nocturnal by nature, this seven-track EP plays on those cognitive sensations that present themselves only during the wee hours of the morning, before the sun has had a chance to rise, which correlates smoothly with Lee’s habit of writing solely by night.

Little Pleasures (ft. Gavin Turek) – TOKiMONSTA

Stigmatizing Sex – TOKiMONSTA

Fallen Arches – TOKiMONSTA


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