Tyler, the Creator | You smell that? That’s the odor of success- bitch.

‘Jesus called he says he’s sick of the disses- I told him to quit bitchin’ this isn’t a fuckin hot line’

Tyler, the Creator is the notoriously snide front-man rapper/producer of the L.A. rap collective, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA).  His undeniably offensive video for Yonkers is unapologetically vicious.  His booming vocal delivery does not sound like it could possibly be emanating from the diaphragm of skinny disgruntled nineteen year old.  Tyler is refreshing because he is raw and he sneers at the commercialism and underwhelming musical products of mainstream rap:

‘green paper, gold teeth, and pregnant gold retrievers- all I want. Fuck money, diamonds, and bitches don’t need em’

He likens his sound to “A Mosh Pit At A Jazz Concert. Or Like, Hitler Fucking Dr. Suess.”

Tyler is evidently haunted by a less-than picture perfect childhood, a deep-seated resentment toward an absent father, and a helpless tendency to see the dark side of human nature everywhere- this is not surprising since he has spent his entire life in the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles.  Describing his childhood and the formation of the Odd Future crew in a recent interview on SYFFL, Tyler explains, “I Have No Father, My Mother Was Single Parent TIll i Was 15 When She Bounced Up North Without Me, I Taught Myself Piano At 14 And Started Rapping At 7 Because I Fucking Sucked At Sports… Most Of Us Met In School And Just Skating Around. Selling Drugs And Doing Real Bad Hoodrat Shit.”

Check out this interview on Shut Your Fucking Face and Listen.

Be sure to track down his recent record, BASTARD, which he self-produced in his bedroom.

Yonkers – Tyler, the Creator [recommended]

Bastard – Tyler, the Creator [recommended]

We salute this angry misanthropic delinquent for his undeniable freshness.



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  1. tyler the creator’s hot.

    May 6, 2012 at 8:49 PM

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